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Table 1: Dapps - (September 2021) - Please update your Stacks 1.0 dapp to Stacks 2.0 (Stacks Wallet) and stacks.js to be listed here. If you know of any dapps that should be on this table. Please let me know by making an issue here; start the issue title with [Dapps].
Category 1 2 3
NFT Markets
Business tools  
Stacking Pools  
DAO tooling    

Decentralized apps on stacks

As everything on Stacks: these dapps are secured with bitcoin because miners on Stacks use Bitcoin as a settlement layer. Some of these apps only use Stacks for user authentication. You do not have to do everything on-chain to make decentralized apps. Actually doing everything on-chain is preposterous, a lot of the time the benefits do not outweigh the costs. On Stacks there is a preference to limit the use of the chain for those jobs that really benefit from it.